Rainbow Meditation

Empowering you to convert challenges into your goals and desires.

All of us ask for divine guidance. The thing is, we aren't always sure when or if we receive it. Did this really come from Spirit/God, or did I just make this up?

In our experience, the Divine Source of Love and Life, which we call Spirit/God, is always available and always supporting us. In our very high paced, sensory overloaded life, we have forgotten how to receive that guidance. We commonly want Spirit/God to do it for us or tell us what to do. We cannot just give it to Spirit/God and ignore it. Yet, we can ask for and receive help, support, insights, conviction - and yes, love.

Rainbow Meditation: Principles and Techniques reacquaints you to the art of asking for and receiving the messages and supporting love you need.  You learn how to prepare yourself and your space ensuring you connect with and receive well-meaning messages. Sometimes you will seek specific guidance while other times you will simply seek a deeper connection with yourself or Spirit/God. Whatever your goal, Spirit/God is with you to provide guidance. 

Rainbow Meditation: Take a Journey to a deeper level of divine guidance. Shift your awareness, your focus - away from conscious thoughts and worries toward your inner needs. Learn to use your less practiced senses of intuition, knowing, and heart sense. Open your mind to the richness of Spirit/God and the fullness of life. Use these reclaimed powers to create yourself as the leading character writing your best life's story.

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Principles and Techniques

Our mind constantly chatters scattering thoughts into a jumbled noise. Stop the noise. All meditation starts with becoming grounded, centered, and focused. We take you through clearing your mind, your space, and your body of all these distractions. With guidance and practice you soon become a pro!

Receiving messages is only the beginning. We help you learn the symbols and meanings so you can interpret your messages. In the first workshop we incorporate two guided meditations; a fully-guided where you encounter Spirit/God in a defined way and a partially-guided meditation where you encounter Spirit/God in your own way. The common experience of the fully-guided meditation allows each participant to share and learn from each other.

The partially-guided meditation allows you more freedom to interact with Spirit/God so you can be conversational reaching a deeper understanding on your own. Group sharing is voluntary but again helps you and others understand the messages more completely.

The second workshop builds on the foundation we previously laid. After a short warm-up and grounding exercise, you will learn how to use a part of nature as a focal point. This piece of nature - a tree, rock, flower, soil ... - focuses your mind to become and remain in communication with Spirit/God. Your meditations become much richer once you bring all aspects of life, including nature, into them.

As with all the workshops, we encourage you to reflect, journal, and share your experience. Reflection and sharing brings clarity.

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Take a Journey

Journey as meditation frees your mind to wander into a quasi-dream state where you receive messages untarnished by your conscious thoughts and judgements. The Automatic Writing workshop allows Spirit/God to create messages written through your hand. 

Sometimes Spirit/God composes written messages which are different from your normal thoughts and ideas. During group sharing, you may read your messages in whole or in part, ask questions, get help interpreting, or simply listen to others. You may be quite surprised by the message accuracy, and even gain insights into yourself.

The Drum Journey workshop induces a mild meditative state with brain waves similar to your nightly dream state. The depth of this encounter with Spirit/God opens an inner wisdom we might otherwise never have found. Like dreams, the messages may not be immediately conscious upon returning. Reflecting and journaling brings forward more details, clarity, and conscious remembering of key points. Sharing aloud often brings on an "ah ha" moment - something that suddenly makes so much sense. 

We are here to help you make sense of and guide you to understand your messages from Spirit/God.

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