About Us

Empowering you to convert challenges into your goals and desires.

Kathy Burkard

Kathy is a shamanic energy healer and teacher working with clients in North America. As the founder of Sacred Fire Energy, Kathy works directly with clients to address health issues. She has helped thousands of clients discover the hidden emotional and spiritual traumas often at the root of mental and physical challenges. 

Kathy has led many self-help and meditation workshops in the United States and Mexico. She leads small meditation groups with particular focus on receiving messages from Spirit. 

 Following a successful entrepreneurial career in wholesale gift products, Kathy studied and apprenticed for seven years under a Cherokee Medicine Man earning her shamanic certification in 2007. She was certified in Healing Touch in 2012. 

Ryan Gagala

Ryan is a transformative energy healer, life & career coach, and mentor. Ryan founded Purpose Passion Vision combining healing and coaching to help clients move from the past into the future.

 As a healer, Ryan works with his clients to uncover, release, and reframe emotional traumas and deep spiritual wounds to bring about permanent change. As a coach and mentor, Ryan works with his clients to envisage and build a life in harmony with their values and desires. 

Ryan created several workshops independently and with partners over the past seven years. In 2021, he left the corporate work environment to pursue his avocation full-time.

Ryan has been certified in The LifeLine Technique and ThetaHealing. He studied with a shamanic practitioner, and Holographic Memory Resolution.