Meditation Wheel

Empowering you to convert challenges into your goals and desires.

Insightful Guidance

Meditation wheels are a form of meditation at a much higher and more intense level of discernment. When deeper insight is needed, turning to a meditation wheel is always the way to go.  Unlike many other meditation forms, the Meditation Wheel responds to your intentions and your needs by meeting you where you are and showing you options forward.  Learn to form the meditation wheel by blending the energies of the four directions (East, South, West, North) and God/The Divine with your own to receive unique insights to achieve your desires and goals.  Understanding the connection and meaning of each of the four directions adds power, grace, and clarity. 

The Meditation Wheel is a powerful, adaptable tool through which you can seek guidance for any types of challenges  - health issues, relationships, work, goals, and more. Sign up for our Meditation Wheel Workshop today!